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Small Business Loans

Working capital is critical to the growth and success of any business. Managing finances is a constant battle in the business world. As a business grows, it is necessary that the cash flow expands with it in order to succeed.

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Merchant Cash Advances

Merchant cash advances are not your typical small business loan. With an MCA, financing companies upfront you a set amount of cash and then you repay this advance (plus their fee) with a set percent of your daily credit card sales.

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Expansion Loans

Financial growth and internal business expansion go hand and hand. The big question facing any business is how to grow in a way that is both manageable and cost effective.

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Equipment Loans

With equipment financing, the lender will upfront you cash to help purchase the equipment outright. You then pay back the total amount lent, plus fees over a defined term.

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Business Lines of Credit

With a business line of credit, a financial institution gives you a credit limit, or a maximum amount of capital you are able to draw on at any given time. Just like a credit card, you only pay interest on the amount you use.

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Short-term Loans

With a short-term small business loan, you are lent a set amount upfront, which you quickly pay back (along with fees) over a short period of time.

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Why Merchant Bloc?

MerchantBloc helps business, small to mid-cap, gain access to capital through creative and alternative lending. When your business is unable to receive traditional bank financing we find the best solution to get your organization the capital it needs! MerchantBloc was founded by bankers; ultimately our goal, over time, is to improve your business lendability. In the short term however, we utilized our relationships with various lenders and banks to secure funding for short-term capital needs, equipment, inventory and expansion. At MerchantBloc we want to be the company you grow with…

Lending solutions that ensures your organization can grow and thrive, providing you peace of mind.